Whitney Lewis is the founder of Studio La Femme TM

Whitney has been dancing for 33 years. She has also worked in the Mental Health arena for 17. Somehow she has found a way to merge both worlds together and has created a safe space for people to gain confidence and find their sexy. She embraces the philosophies of positive internal dialogue expressed through sensual movement. She turns the studio into a world where all your problems disappear...A place to escape...A place to transcend the negativity we fill our own heads with. Whitney is passionate about creating more than just a dance class. You will create relationships here. You’ll find free social events outside of the classroom, equal rights activism opportunities, and a tribe...a community. Welcome home.

Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays @ 7pm
Your first class is free.

$10 per class after or

10 classes for $90

Dress code: Sexy & Confident 

(Knee pads optional but advised) 

18 years and up

For more information you can reach Whitney by phone @ (517) 756-8084 or by email @ studiolafemme541@gmail.com
You can also follow Studio La Femme on Facebook or Instagram @ studiolafemmetm