Yoga is Yours

By Luke Bovee

Life’s unfathomable depth of diversity, complexity, and individuality is expressed in every form, in you, in me, in everything endlessly. Some say there is a unity of sameness through all things; it may also be so that there is a unity in uniqueness being shared, that this too is what we have in common.

I see as many different forms of Yoga as there are people who practice it. As soon as you’ve followed a book’s guidance, mimicked the video’s example, or taken the teacher’s instruction, you’ve made it your own. Yoga is Yours, Yoga is Mine.

The ways I have unlinked my mind, breath and body through the circumstances I’ve faced and reacted to, are peculiar to me. Reuniting my being in wholeness is my own creativity in action, a living art.

I’ve seen others moving, creating, smiling, sitting silently in peace, immersed in the beautiful mystery of being. What amazement, that the simplest of actions and movements could contain such presence and purpose.

I didn’t know silence was so loud, that an exhale was a wave washing along an expansive shore, or that I would find myself inside the drumming of my own heart…What do we all know after all?

The knowledge of Yoga, perhaps you may see, is stated by every source differently, without room for plagiarism, unable to be copied, impossible to contain. As the next breath flows, yoga comes alive again and transcends the pages.

What is Yoga? It is as you practice it sincerely, its form and expression are Yours.

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