Thursday Morning Mantra

Life hands us some difficult situations and we can choose to let them break us or make us.

Perusing through YouTube this morning I ran a crossed a video that shared the story of a woman named Charmine and her story inspired this morning's mantra.

Charmine's husband left her with a one year old son. She couldn't afford to continue living in her home and had to live in a shelter house. She learned that she was pregnant while in the shelter.

She shared a story that one day she learned of a new apartment complex being built near her and how she looked at the apartments and thought to herself "it would be so nice to live here". That day she received a call from her social worker telling her there was an opening at that very complex.

She said "I could have let my situation break me but instead i let it make me". She never lost hope and continued to move forward.

Focus on what you want and keep moving forward. You're allowed to feel sad and down when things get tough, but don't stay there. Cry, scream, throw a fit, and when you're done re-group. Take a deep breath. Progress isn't a linear path. There is a lot of bumps and hiccups, u-turns, and 360s. Progress looks different for each person. Keep moving forward and don't lose hope.

You got this!

I chose to make my figure into a man because i don't often draw men and feel my daily mantra book needed a little masculinity in it.

I hope you enjoy.

Namste Yogis,


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