Online Classes

Levels of Intensity Key:
Level One (Red): Beginners Practice. Gentle Practice. Teachers offer a lot of instructions and variations. Recommended that all beginner students attend Level One (Orange) before moving on to the next level.
Level Two(Orange): Intermediate to Beginners Practice. Teachers offer more direct cues and instructions. Classes offer more challenging poses.
Level Three (Yellow): Intermediate to Advanced Practice. Teachers offer fewer instructions while in specific poses, more direct cues. Practice is intended for someone with a familiar understanding of basic yoga poses and who have been practicing yoga regularly for at least 6 months to a year. This is an intense practice that requires a level of understanding in the basic yoga poses.
Mentorship (Green): Designed for Yoga teachers in training or anyone who has been practicing for at least a year. Only offered by invitation.

Morning Re-Energizing with Dannie

Level One (Red)
Mondays Through Fridays @ 7am
Join Dannie as she leads you through a series of re-energizing exercises, done the same way every time to help build an understanding of body awareness and self-realization. Sign up here.

Yoga Basics

Level One (Red)

Wednesdays @ 7pm $5.00

Yoga Basics is a class designed for new students or practicing students who are looking to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of yoga.
Learn the names of Yoga poses and how to make the practice accessible and fun. Sign up here.

Night Owl Yoga

All Levels
Mondays & Wednesdays @ 11pm
Are you a night owl? Would you like a full night of restless sleep? Join us for a gentle class focused on helping you get your zzz's. sing up here.

Power Yoga

Level Two (Orange)
Mondays @ 1pm & Saturdays @ 10am, $5.00
Power Flow incorporates strength training and vinyasa flowing sequences that will leave you feeling invigorated and empowered.


Level Three (Yellow)
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6pm
Prepare the body for Handstands. *if you never want to do a handstand that is ok. you will still get a fantastic workout. Handstands will never be instructed in this class only at special Handstand workshops.

Yoga Sculpt combines mind-body awareness, with vinyasa flow, resistance training, and cardio for a maximum strengthening and calorie-burning effect. Sign up here.


Mondays through Fridays @10, Free
All Levels
Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of martial arts and has been shown to increase mobility, mental longevity, and overall relaxation. Qigong is also described as the Chinese yoga. "Qi" means energy, and "gong" means work.
No experience necessary. Good for all ages.
You can join Marybeth through Zoom here. or watch through Facebook & Instagam Live @ coldwateryoga.

Yoga for Detox

Wednesdays @ 1pm, $5.00
Level Two (Orange)
In this class, we introduce stimulating breathwork that cultivates your inner fire, Agni, to burn calories and burn off impurities of the body and mind which include a fun sequence of twists and yin like holds.
NOT recomended women who are pregnant.
Sign up here


Buy 5 Get 1 Free

This package is good for 6 classes. Package does not include series, masterclasses, or workshops. Good for 3 months. Click here to sign up.

Buy 10 Get 3 Free

This package is good for 12 classes. Package does not include series, masterclasses, or workshops. Good for 3 months. Click here to sign up.

One-Month Unlimited

This package is good for unlimited classes including masterclasses. Good for thirty days. Sign up here.