As a first time student at the Studio we recommend that you try either a Foundation  or Gentle Yoga class. All of our teachers are accustomed to welcoming and integrating new students into their classes at any point in the term. You will receive the instruction that you need as a new student in order to feel comfortable in the class.

Gentle Yoga   45 minutes
Gentle Yoga is for students who prefer to go very slowly for a variety of reasons. Some people find a slower quieter class meditative, some of us need to ease ourselves into physical activity some have a specific injury or a specific condition that requires a gentler approach to the body. The gentle class introduces those who have not practiced yoga before to some of the poses and is also suitable for someone who wants/needs to take things easy, but not spend the whole time in relaxation.
Vinyasa Yoga Flows   60 minutes
Vinyasa is a flowing sequence connecting the breath with movement. Learning the basics of foundation in our Gentle Yoga or Slow Flow  classes is best before doing flow yoga, which requires good health and strength. Flow increases flexibility and stamina. Vinyasa Flow series links movement with the breath to flow from one pose to the next.. Fire & Ice Flow is demanding, involving numerous weight bearing positions for hands & arms.  Fire & Ice is held in a heater room of 80 degrees F. In this class we cultivate an inner fire with invigorating sequences, then contain the fire with balancing poses, and longer holds. The class always ends with grounding restorative poses to cool and sooth the body and mind. Beginners try our Slow Flow which takes our Vinyasa Flow sequence to a much slower pace and includes modifications and assistance with yoga props.
Hot Yoga   90 minutes
A challenging, healthy, hot yoga FLOW sequence. Postures are linked with breath and downward-upward dog flow sequences set to the teacher's music. Room is set to 90 degrees F. The class is practiced in a heated room, to promote cellular metabolism, detoxification, and suppleness of the muscular system.
Community Yoga  30 t0 60 minutes
This is class is our gift to the community. It is open for anyone. All levels of yoga experience are welcome. The yoga practice will be gentle and restorative. Wear anything you like. what is important is that you are comfortable. Some yoga clothes are available to barrow. Mats and other yoga props are provided for students to barrow. This is a free/donation based class. Community classes held 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.
Yoga for Detox 45 minutes
Perfect class to keep you healthy and balanced during the winter months. This sweaty cleansing Yoga For Detox practice! Designed to make you sweat as you build strength and twist it out. Massage the internal organs, tone the body and shed weight with this mindful yoga flow for detoxification and digestion! The sequences are slower with longer asana (posture) holds. This is a great class for beginners.
Gentle-Restorative  60 minutes
Gentle Restorative combines gentle yoga and restorative yoga. Classes start with very gentle yoga sequences, In this class comfort is the main goal. With the use of bolsters, blocks and blankets you will position the body in ways that facilitate deep release of the areas that hold the most tension and stress in the body: hips, shoulders, and low back. Class is non-heated. Accessible to all levels of experience,

Meditation   60 to 90 minutes

Yogis have been practicing dhyana (meditation) for millennia. This meditation combines breath awareness, different visualization techniques to understand oneself. Mindful self-inquiry is an investigation into the nature of one’s own mind and being. That inquiry looks into physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts that may be contributing to stress and anxiety. This is an interactive class that includes a reading and group sharing between meditations to learn more about yourself and others. This is a Free/Donation based class.

Sculpt   60 to 90 minutes

In Sculpting Yoga we blend the body-sculpting benefits of strength training with the mind-body awareness of Yoga. Weturn the music up for an intense and fun practice.

QiGong 60 minutes

Qigong (“chee-gong”) is an over five-thousand year-old Chinese health method that combines slow graceful movements with mental concentration and breathing to increase and balance a person’s vital energy. It has been popularly referred to as Chinese yoga.

This class is lead by Randal Brinks. You can learn more about Randal by clicking here.

QiGong is offered once a month. check our schedule for next scheduled class.

Good Morning Re-Charge

45 minutes

Start your day with a gentle and rejuvenating practice.

This is a great class for new students just starting their practice and experienced practitioners looking for a grounding practice.

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