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Hi! my name is Marybeth. I am the owner of Coldwater Yoga, LLC. My family and I live here in Coldwater. I grew up in Branch County. I love this community and it is my passion to help make Branch County a healthy and positive place for my child and all children to grow up in.

I enjoy living a yogic life through healthy eating, exercise, and self-expression. One of my favorite ways to express myself is through various different forms of art.  One of which is writing.

It is my greatest pleasure to be able to have this outlet to share the teachings of yoga.

I hope that you enjoy.



I've been into various meditative practices since 2003, with increasing dedication and study over the years.  Coldwater Yoga has provided a place for me to more effectively learn, practice, and share with others along the way.  I am very grateful for its existence, and the opportunity to contribute to its mission. -Luke

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